Ginger's Benefits

Ginger has been used in cooking and medicine for years, as it’s one of the healthiest spices known for its many health benefits. It’s a natural antioxidant and antiseptic with healing effects, and in the form of a powder, ginger can be really powerful.

Ginger belongs to the Ginger family and is most widespread in its native countries – China and India. As of the 13th century, we are happily enjoying it here, in Europe, making our day-to-day lives healthier and better.

Before we get to know what are in specifics the four things you didn’t know ginger powder helps with, here are all the forms that it can also be used in. The rhizome of the plant is most often used, although it’s usually called ginger root or just ginger. It can be used fresh, dried, as oil or powder. And little did we know, almost all herbal remedies contain it!

Ginger powder

Ginger Powder

This form is made by extracting the essence from the root of the plant ginger and it’s later dried and turned into powder.  This helps keep the most vital parts of it. It has a strong aroma and sharp taste; it’s also easy to store and has a long shelf life.

The widespread use is due to the many benefits that it naturally has in its composition. Antioxidants and other useful substances stimulate immunity, help digestion, fight flu or cold, as well as various types of infections. And if that’s not impressive!

Ginger is a powerful natural antioxidant used since ancient times in Chinese, Persian, and Indian medicine. According to the methods of treatment of Ayurveda, the health benefits come naturally with its use even in smaller quantities. 

All of that sounds good, we know. But how does it exactly help, and what are the most important benefits? Let’s see!

Ginger powder’s benefits

Stomach care

Ginger Powder Benefits

Ginger has anti-inflammatory powers that help the stomach neutralize digestive juices. It stimulates digestion and absorption of food, speeding up metabolism, as well as reducing gas and painful spasms. The vitamins that ginger has fight bouts of nausea. Pretty much a superhero for any stomach problems!

It’s also extremely beneficial for the intestinal tract and for an upset stomach. The ginger powder contains 14.1 g of dietary fiber, which is a lot more than in the root itself. That’s why the superfood is a preferred ingredient for so many recipes and medical formulas.

Our advice, however, is to make sure you double-check what you’re getting on the market, as many packages don’t contain the herb but just a flavor of it. This could actually upset the stomach more! You can either try and make some ginger mixtures at home or ascertain you are really buying ginger powder.

To help you ease the process, we’ve prepared a guide on how to make ginger mixes at home, so stay tuned for it soon!

Improves the general health condition of the body

Ginger lemon tea

Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9, as well as many minerals, ginger is a natural superpower that boosts immunity and relieves the first symptoms of colds. 

It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action, which strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to external factors. In combination with honey and lemon, it can be more beneficial to your health than most medications. We don’t know if you’ve tried it, but it’s actually even pretty delicious!

Nonetheless, you’ve probably heard of the powerful effect of ginger tea when getting a cold, right? Well, it’s pretty much explained with the essence of ginger. 

Not so common knowledge about ginger powder is the fact that it stimulates circulation and has a warming effect. This can be exactly what you need if you’ve spent the day out in the winter. Not only does it prevent getting sick, but it boosts the immune system highly.

Soothes symptoms of nausea and improves metabolism

Ginger Oil

One of the reasons why the herb is often used in cooking is precisely its ability to enhance the body’s metabolic process. The essential oils in ginger’s composition help burn calories and speed up the weight loss process. How did we not know this earlier?! 

Not only that but ginger powder mixed with water is excellent for nausea. Whether during pregnancy or when traveling, for example, you can get rid of nausea in no time! 

For future moms, keep in mind that you can take up to 250 milli­grams four times a day. Not more!

Health booster

Ginger Smoothie

The health benefits of the magic herb don’t end just there! The superfood helps relieve joint pain, headaches, and migraines, menstrual cramps, injuries and inflammations, sore throats, improves brain function, and much more! 

Even so, the ginger powder can be great for you if you have heart problems or want to prevent such. Not so known fact is that this herb helps lower blood pressure and decrease blood lipids. Fascinating! 

Last but not least, ginger can also reduce the risk of diabetes! Some active compounds in ginger can be linked to insulin. Overall, just make sure you add some fresh or dried ginger to your tea, your smoothie, or why not – your veggie soup!

Daily intake of ginger powder or ginger in other forms helps the general favorable condition of the body and leads to a healthier lifestyle. With so many positives, we have no choice but to take advantage of this wealth of nature, don’t we!