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Choosing a solar system for your home is a great idea – it’s right for the environment, it gives you independence, and of course, it could lead to way fewer expenses for electricity. However, the process of adding solar panels to your home can cost you some financial commitments and time, and effort. If you are not sure what you’re doing you might end up doing something that will prolong the process and cost you even more.

That’s why today we are sharing with you our insights and helping you learn which are the most common mistakes homeowners make when buying solar panels so that you can avoid them! Let’s get into it!

1. Trying to do everything on their own

Solar Panels

Very often, people take housework in a non-serious way. They think they can handle almost anything – from installations to plumbing repairs. And the same those people that think any housework is an easy job, believe buying and installing a solar system to their house is not a big deal. But unless you are an electrician, we advise you not to be quick on that.

Before anything, you should know that solar installations should be suitable to the parameters of your house and consistent with the roof. That’s why it’s essential to have a professional expert on-site to advise you on the specifics. They’ll tell you if your place is suitable for an on-grid or off-grid system, as well as what’s the right sizing, the right components, and more.

And not to mention, solar energy systems are electrical, and you should be extremely careful if you do decide to go on your own with the installation.

2. Misleading because of the low prices

Solar Panels Common Mistakes

When it comes to installations and new technology solutions, every now and then, people get caught up in the idea of paying less than they have to. They see some exclusive offers for cheap products and get them right away. What they don’t realize is this could mean even more expenses in the long run.

Solar panel systems are no exception. Lately, on the market, there are some cheap offers, but don’t get misled by that! Low costs in the solar market usually mean low quality and no guarantee.

That’s why we recommend you trust the professionals’ advice and make sure you read small print text. Look for third parties and be aware of companies looking to make annual inspections and other non-usual activities that would just cost you extra down the line.

3. Wrong estimation of the savings

A common mistake homeowners make when buying solar panels is their lack of a realistic overview. Often, they hear it from friends or read about it – it doesn’t really matter how they got the idea. The point is, you shouldn’t get overexcited about it and forget to make the correct prediction of how much you’ll hopefully save.

A lot of homeowners tend to be disappointed after they get their solar panels installed because they expected something different. The truth is, not all solar energy systems produce the same amount of electricity, even if they are the same size!

It’s not just the number of solar panels that determines how much you’ll be able to reduce your electric bill. It also depends on where your house is located, where your roof is facing, and other specifics. To be 100% sure you get the best of the system, use an expert’s opinion to help you estimate correctly in advance.

4. Not doing enough research

Research Solar Panels

To be honest, there are a lot of mistakes homeowners make when buying solar panels. They don’t consider the condition of the roof in advance, underestimate energy consumption, the mounting on the roof, the sizing of the system, lack of monitoring, and more.

While there are hundreds of brands and manufacturers out there, it’s only fair if you take your time and research what would be best for you. This will help you avoid most of the mistakes people usually make and help you make a better choice when getting your solar panels.

Now that we live in times where everything is one click away online, it would be a waste not to take advantage of that. Read as much as possible about the solar systems you like, find some reviews about them, learn about their installation processes and specifics. Also, don’t forget you can always trust someone with experience in the field to help you make a choice, install, and enjoy!