Health benefits of spinach

We can all agree that if we could turn into superheroes by simply eating spinach, just like Popeye the Sailor Man, it would be great! And guess what! It’s almost as easy as that! Nonetheless, spinach is a superfood, and while we might not become superheroes in a blink of an eye, we will definitely become a lot healthier because of the many health benefits of spinach. So how does this food really work, and what are the health benefits that everyone is talking about? Let’s find out!

What is spinach, and why is it called a superfood?

Part of the goosefoot family, spinach is a tasty leafy green vegetable that has lots of health benefits, and people consume it for skincare, bone health, reducing blood pressure levels, lowering the risk of cancer, diabetes, fighting anemia, and a lot more advantages that we will look through below.

Spinach can be savoy, semi-savoy, and smooth leaf. The taste of the food is bitter-salty, but thanks to the many recipes now available, people tend to prepare spinach in many tasty ways or even eat it raw. Each meal with spinach is rich in minerals and vitamins, thanks to the wide range of benefits of spinach. It contains vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, protein, and other beneficial contents.

The health benefits of spinach – 15 reasons why spinach is a superfood!

It’s time to go over all the benefits that spinach brings to our health, bodies, and mind. We’ve selected the top 15 most important advantages of the consumption of spinach. Here’s why you’ll love it!

#1 – Eye health

Spinach eye health

One of the best benefits spinach has is for eye health, thanks to the antioxidants found in it. Lutein and zeaxanthin have the power to improve eyesight. They can even prevent some major problems regarding eye health or reverse existing damage, according to most recent studies. Spinach is a great protector and fighter when it comes to the eyes not only because of the antioxidants but also thanks to the vitamin A it contains. Spinach is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous so helping with good vision comes naturally.

#2 – Bone health

Bone Health

Vitamin K is key for the good health of the body, but mostly it helps reduce the risk of bone fracture and improve the general bone health significantly. Combined with the calcium and magnesium spinach contains, the superfood is an excellent solution to maintaining good bone health. These nutritions in spinach help not only with bone health but also with teeth. If you want to keep your health good, consider consuming spinach at least two times a week.

#3 – Reducing blood sugar

Blood sugar levels

Spinach is rich in potassium, so it helps reduce and control blood sugar. If you are known to have lower blood sugar levels, you may consider eating spinach to moderate them and decrease the risk of heart diseases. What are the health benefits of spinach that help reduce blood sugar? The effect of potassium is reducing the effects of sodium in the body and that’s why it helps so much with the health.

#4 – Preventing cancer

Spinach drink

Cancer is not something to be fought with food; we know that. But trying to prevent it is mandatory, especially if you are predisposed to it. There are many foods that help contain good health, and studies show that the high levels of vitamins in the spinach are cancer-protective. MGDG and SQDG in spinach are known to slow down cancer growth and suppress cancer formation. Spinach is also rich in antioxidants, and that’s another big plus in the fight against the awful disease. Add a green spinach drink to your morning routine and you’ll feel a difference throughout the day.

#5 – Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress

Speaking of cancer and diabetes, these diseases are triggered by oxidative stress, so for controlling it, you need to increase the antioxidants in your body. Thankfully, spinach contains antioxidants, and that’s why it helps prevent oxidative damage. Oxidative stress is usually caused by free radicals and byproducts of metabolism, which shouldn’t be neglected at all! Take measures and choose a healthy way of controlling your oxidative stress by adding more spinach to your daily meals.

#6 – Improving energy

Improving energy with spinach

When it comes to the health benefits of spinach, we cannot miss the impact it has on energy levels. The plant restores energy and by improving the quality of the blood in the body, increases also vitality. People that regularly eat spinach (or drink it in smoothies) feel more energetic, alive, and full of power. This comes from the iron in spinach as it impacts the function of the red blood cells. The overall benefit leads to higher energy levels and supporting DNA synthesis.

#7 – Anti-inflammatory properties

Anti-inflammatory spinach properties

Another great benefit of spinach is the anti-inflammatory properties the superfood has, thanks to its containing neoxanthin and violaxanthin. These two regulate inflammation and prevent countless potential health problems such as asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis, and migraines. We’ve recently shared with you the benefits of blueberries, and they are a superfood that also helps fight inflammation. Our advice is to start your day with a green and tasty smoothie with both blueberries and the leafy green spinach, and you’ll see a lot of health benefits in the long run!

#8 – Skin and hair health

Hair health

We all know that for the health of skin and hair, it’s crucial to build and maintain collagen as it takes care of their structure and good condition. Spinach is not called a superfood without reason! The high levels of vitamin A and C moderate oil production in the skin pores and hair follicles, so they benefit highly from it. And with the added iron in spinach, hair loss can be history! It might sound too good to be true, but try adding spinach to your diet and see the difference for yourself!

#9 – Immune system

Immune system

It may come with no surprise, but all of those vitamins and healthy nutrition are the natural way of boosting your immune system. Just like ginger helps boost immunity, so does spinach along with other green leafy superfoods. They help strengthen respiratory and mucus membranes. As you now already know, the benefits of spinach are a lot, and by adding a cup of spinach to your daily meals or drinks, you can significantly improve your body health and keep yourself away from seasonal flu, colds, or other immune system breaks. Keep the Vitamin A levels in your body high, and you’ll be all good!

#10 – Preventing anemia and atherosclerosis


The high content of iron in spinach helps with preventing the risk of developing anemia. The superfood is one of the most well-known foods for fighting anemia in conjunction with expert medical treatment. The leafy vegetable relies not only on iron (as it helps in carrying oxygen to all the cells in the body) but also on Vitamin C as together they can make a lot of difference. As for atherosclerosis, consuming spinach prevents arteries from hardening and decreases the human artery’s chances of thickening. Nonetheless, spinach is also great for women in menopause as its high consumption leads to a significant reduction in overall menopausal symptoms.

#11 – Improving brain functioning

Brain functioning

It’s common knowledge that green leafy vegetables are a great way to not only improve the immune system but also improve the general condition of the body, which also includes brain functioning normally. This is especially true during old age, and for people in advanced age, it’s even recommended to increase the consumption of spinach and other superfoods on a daily basis. The high levels of Vitamin K in spinach keep the brain active and allow flowing thoughts, an easy mind, and a calm nervous system.

#12 – Reducing hypertension


We are not quite done with the health benefits of spinach just yet! The superfood is also preventing the risks of heart diseases, kidney diseases, and strokes. And as you know, they are all a result of hypertension, known as high blood pressure. How does spinach help with that? Well, again, thanks to the great containing of Vitamin C in it. You can include spinach in your daily meals, and you will notice a difference in your stress levels right away. And that is too connected to blood pressure and brain functioning.

#13 – Weight loss benefits

Grow spinach at home

A lot of people now will go straight to the market for some fresh spinach, won’t they! Speaking of fresh vegetables, if you consider becoming more self-sufficient and growing your own produce in the backyard, spinach is also a great choice for a seasonal green leafy vegetable to grow by yourself. This way you’ll always have in stock to make a green smoothie or a creamy spinach soup! Because spinach is rich in fiber, the superfood helps with good digestion and prevents constipation. Consuming daily spinach regulates your weight, and many dietitians add it to the menu for advanced weight loss solutions. The superfood also makes you feel full and lowers your appetite.

#14 – Preventing acne and rejuvenating skin

Skincare with spinach

A little earlier, we shared with you the health benefits of spinach that help skin and hair improve, but to go into detail, the superfood is great for acne damage and anti-aging solutions. First, spinach consumption eases inflammation and this leads to a healthy way to reduce acne. Some experts even recommend preparing a facial mask with spinach paste and water. Applying it for 20 minutes smoothes the skin and soothes it immediately. And second, the antioxidants in spinach benefit the skin and improve its shine. Skincare is crucial for all ages, so consider spinach a great way to take care of it in a healthy way. For a younger look and glowing skin, a cup of spinach a day makes a great difference!

#15 – Tension-relief

Stress Free

If you want to keep your body relaxed and keep stress out of your life for as much as you can, then spinach is your superfood! The benefits of spinach include high levels of zinc and magnesium. Thus, getting a good night’s sleep and reducing stress levels come naturally. Mental health is just as important as your body’s. Take care of it and keep living in a relaxed and stress-free way. Spinach is not a magical plant, and you cannot expect it to work overnight fighting all your problems, but it will improve your way of life and health if you take it regularly or add it more to your daily meals and drinks.

As you can see, spinach has a lot of health benefits and you definitely need it in your diet. But did you know that there is an ancient food that is 25x healthier than spinach?

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Spinach’s overuse risks

As with any other thing, overdoing is not advised. Spinach contains calcium and oxalate, and the excess of them forms kidney stones. This means that if you are predisposed to developing kidney stones, you should limit consuming spinach. And as for the VItamin K1 in the superfood, too much of it may lead to blood clotting as it affects blood thinning. This, of course, can be worrying when spinach is consumed in large amounts and too often than recommended.

Still, spinach is a superfood with countless health benefits that will only improve your health, body, mind, and lifestyle. Add it to your routine often, but don’t overconsume. With time, you’ll see that there are more advantages to the superfood than you ever thought!

Recipe ideas

Spinach soup

And last but not least, here are some ideas on how you can prepare spinach so that you also benefit from its taste!

First, of course, we are big fans of green smoothies, and this is a great way to start your day! For lunch, a creamy soup with spinach and nettle will leave you full and with a great teste! Furthermore, you can add spinach to almost any other recipe – with pasta, chicken, lasagna, lamb, potatoes, and of course – salads! Do you have a favorite recipe? Share with us in the comments and let us know!